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What will the future look like? Datatopia, 4 Planning Scenarios for 2030

From the analysis two dominant dimensions appeared that allow us to organize the four scenarios that are the outcome of the analysis; these are:

The “connected” versus the “conflicted” world

  • In the connected world, all kinds of technologies interact with each other. Goals are aligned.
  • In the conflicted world, technologies are often used to block other technologies. Goals are conflicting.

The “controlled” versus the “amok” world

  • In the controlled world we know what we want technology to do, and make it so.
  • When technology runs amok, society does nothing but respond.

Digital  City Maturity Scorecard (DCMS)

Les circuits de l’innovation collaborative

Les circuits de l’innovation collaborative

Résilience: des relations sociales fortes peuvent avoir dans le temps et sur une même population, des effets à la fois stabilisants et fragilisants - « Les relations sociales, frein ou moteur de la durabilité : approche par la notion de rayon de confiance », Jean-Marc Callois

Places de marché de prestations intellectuelles – Typologie et Courbe de valeur

Systems of Intent - Digital Workplace Technology Roadmap | Guido A.J.Stevens

L’ère du management paradoxal

Liberating Structures - Including and unleashing everyone

Liberating Structures spark inventiveness by minimally structuring the way we interact while liberating content or subject matter. Very simple constraints unleash creative adaptability, generating better than expected resutls. Individual brilliance and collective wisdom are unbridled. Such a dramatic shift cannot be THAT simple, engaging, and powerful but it is.

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