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Argos - Know more with less

"Argos collects all of the important news and tells you exactly what you need to know about it. Instead of tracking separate publications, it pulls in new articles from a variety of different sources (right now, just a few major publications) and condenses everything into a set of bullet points. Argos uses a technique called “hierarchical agglomerative clustering” (HAC) to organize news stories. HAC takes each individual article and compares it to every other article, and comes up with a number representing how similar they are, on a scale of 0-1. If the similarity is above some threshold—say, greater than 0.7—the articles are considered to be talking about the same event, and they are grouped together into “event clusters.” The same HAC clustering technique is then applied to the event clusters to organize events into “story clusters.”

France : Facebook représente 5% du trafic des sites d’actu, Twitter 1%

Les producteurs d’information médiatique en ligne

Storyline Data Model: Sharing the ontology for BBC News

Class relations in the rNews Data Model.

rNews is a set of specifications and best practices for using RDFa to embed news-specific metadata into HTML documents.

Les révélations de Wikileaks sont-elles dangereuses ?