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Simple example visualizations of Myths of Nature (adapted from Schwarz and Thompson 1990) | The TransForum Model: Transforming Agro Innovation Toward Sustainable Development - page 68

Complexity is one of the hallmark characteristics of systems innovation and transition challenges. Taking the role of complexity into account means that it the underlying content. It is not hard to imagine how some of the more problematic aspects of complexity might be visualized in a simple, accessible manner (see Figure). For instance, non-linear shifts in complex systems can be easily visualized by a sharp change in the slope of a curve. Robustness is often visualized with the ‘ball-in-a-cup’ metaphor; the deeper the cup, the lower the chances of the ball leaping out of the cup, and the more robust the system.
Visualization can be used to improve the extent to which images are reflective of the underlying system’s complexity. Specific visualizations are chosen for their reflective accuracy, not their mobilizing power. The ball-in-the-cup-metaphor thus can be used to visualize a system’s robustness. The assumptions about systemic complexity that are inherent to an action experiment can be explored by using such visualizations. Collaboratively visualizing the future can thus be used to establish a more thorough understanding of the systems involved. This way, an experiment can escape false assumptions inherent to simple images.

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Three Civilizational Futures

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