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Spreadsheets: How to make your tables less terrible

"When you mix developers and design you get something incredibly powerful"

Firefox Design Values

Good design is…

Mozilla’s Open Badges project > The School of Webcraft Badge Pilot Program > Badge Designs

The School of Webcraft is a joint initiative between Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University offering free, peer-driven courses and study groups on open web development. The School of Webcraft Badge Pilot, running in the January and April 2011 course cycles, will provide an opportunity to test the open badge infrastructure and prototype by introducing assessments and associated badges into the School of Webcraft. These include skill badges (e.g., Javascript, PHP), value badges (e.g., Accessibility), and peer-to-peer badges that learners can award to each (e.g., Good Teammate, Peer Mentor, etc.).

The Big Bang Fair Logo

Cartes des 10 principes de la simplicité de Maeda

User Centred Design / Pascal Raabe

This is an information graphic poster illustrating the underlying lifecycle, methods, principles and techniques in a user centred design process where the visual part is only the tip of the iceberg.

Projet Matali - Pratiques d’appropriation et outils d’expérimentation dans l’espace public (source: L’espace public de demain : le point de vue des designers)

Wucius Wong - Principles of Three-Dimensional Design

How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

Growth - Kazumasa Nagai