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Companies with a digital center of excellence (COE) are focusing on these channels

La longueur idéale d’une article de blog : 1 600 mots et 7 minutes | La taille idéale des articles de blog et des publications sur les réseaux sociaux

The drones of the future won’t kill, they’ll take selfies

(…) Paparazzi, the selfie drone, is one of the two concepts that emerged from frog the workshop. It’s a far cry from the Predator. The craft “lets you virtually stream your entire life to all of your social networks without pulling out your phone or even lifting a finger,” as the designers put it. A spherical, stabilised camera shoots pics and video from the perfect vantage point, buzzing into position to account for lighting conditions and making sure it captures you from a flattering angle every time. It’s the logical conclusion of our self-shot obsessed culture. It’s a little bit ridiculous, but only a little bit.

Cascade 2.0 - To Go from Big Data to Big Insight, Start with a Visual

We are documenting every tweet, retweet, and click on every shortened URL from Twitter and Facebook that points back to New York Times content, and then combining that with the browsing logs of what those users do when they land at the Times. This project is a relative of the widely noted Cascade project. Think of it as Cascade 2.0.

France : Facebook représente 5% du trafic des sites d’actu, Twitter 1%

Your social ecosystem

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Social Media Measurement Framework

PLoS (Public Library of Science) ALM - Article-Level Metrics measure the dissemination and reach of published research articles (via The Altmetric API: Measuring the Impact of Research is All About the Donuts)

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